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Welcome to the home of Hypnosinging,

This method is the result of my experience as a singer,

musician, student, teacher &

ex-smoker, which led me to create the Hypnosinging method.


The Most advanced Training Method for vocals

I have developed a highly effective method of training and supporting your vocal development, unlike all other singing lessons this method can change you & your vocal development in one session and it is a skill that can help you into the future in training and performing.

Why this method is so special

I developed Hypnosinging using some unique vocal techniques that I have developed specifically to integrate within hypnosis & confidence boosting techniques, hypnotherapy has been used to help singers with stage fright but this is on another level. In the same way Hypno-birthing was a revolution in pregnancy & childbirth, Hypnosinging will revolutionize singing & vocal coaching!

Build a vocal confidence

The reason Hypnosinging is so effective, is because you deal with barriers you subconscious creates protecting you from singing incorrectly,  this smothers your potential as a singer and it really only stops you from getting things right.

Services I offer

The Hypnosinging Method

A revolution in vocal coaching, the ultimate masterclass for your mind and your voice.

The Confidence Builder Hypnotherapy

Start building incredible confidence with the confidence building hypnotherapy session.

Self Hypnosis Session

Learn how to go in and out of hypnosis to guide yourself through challenges & to help you relax.